Code Examples C++

2D Direct X Dino Space Shooter
This is a simple 2D space shooter game using Direct X. It shows off some basic concepts for gameplay programming.
I've also re-created this in Flash that you can play and download the source in the Games Section.
The sound also is using FMOD and shows off how to create a sound system using a Singleton Design Pattern.
To compile, you'll need Direct x 9 SDK and FMOD for PC.

Lua C++ Integration
This is a simple example of how to integrate Lua with C++.
Many game engines incorporate a script language with the front end and the back end being C++.
This makes it easy to quickly adjust things like player variables/game object positions/etc without having to rebuild the engine.

Memory Manager
This is a Memory Manager program example. It basically creates a static memory pool of defined size and makes a user defined Malloc and Free.
In truth this sort of thing gives me a headache, and I don't really like it. My stronger points lie in gameplay programming.
But I tried my hand at it as it's a necessary part of game development on systems with limited memory.

School Work

CSE 682 - Procedural Animation - Space Hogs XNA Game
For this class we had a group project where our group created an XNA Game for the Xbox 360.
I was in charge of controls, enemy AI, and other tasks. This is were in we showcased our knowledge of Quaternians (we used SLERP for ship movement).
We also showed off our knowledge of Sphere-Sphere collisions as we used a simple sphere collision system for our game.
This doesn't compile anymore as XNA has changed versions and it is no longer compatible.

CSE 680 - Algorithms - Breadth First Search - 6 Degrees of Seperation: Kevin Bacon Game
In this class we had to create a Breadth First Search on a movie database, where actors are connected with movies.
In this case it is a giant text file with a list of movies and actors.
The program allows the user to enter in an actor's name Last,First.
Then it will attempt to connect them to Kevin Bacon after it builds a graph from the Movies/Actors database.
The program then tells the users how many degrees of seperation an actor is from Kevin Bacon.

CSE 541 - Introduction to Open GL
In this class we get introduced to using Open GL, and the basics of computer graphics such as matrix translations,rotations,lights, and more.
GLUT is needed to make this compile.